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HLP Integration is a leading provider of data and document management solutions, specializing in tailored technologies that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence. We work with commercial and government clients to identify critical information that facilitates conclusive business decisions with accuracy and efficiency. With our advanced technology, you can trust that your data and documents will be managed effectively, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive success.

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Engineering Data to Achieve Success

We partner with two types of clients, commercial and government. But every client is unique, and every challenge deserves a tailor-made data solution.

HLP’s e-discovery experts stand ready to provide unwavering support for your legal team, whether with a single matter or ongoing support for your legal operations department. Our state-of-the-art solutions and unparalleled expertise streamline legal operations, reduce costs, and achieve optimal outcomes.


No matter the origin or type of document, HLP is teaming with government to transform document capture, search, review, and configurable automated decision making to enhance government service for our taxpayers.

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Agent Orange - Ramping Up Accuracy and Efficiency

A U.S. government agency, facing a backlog of re-adjudicating over 140,000 health-care benefit claims, totaling more than 420 million pages needed a software that could accurately identify key data elements within handwritten material to satisfy the complete review of the claim. Using its iCONECT suite of AI tools, HLP Integration enhanced the agency's adjudication workflow by:

  • Increasing the claim-review rate from 1-2 per day to 1-2 per hour
  • Eliminating additional search and review time related to handwritten material
  • Using configurable Continuous Active Learning algorithms based upon validated human claim review

Time, Money and Translation Savings

A law firm needed to review more than 800,000 documents to quickly determine which were relevant for a legal strategy. Using its Sentio suite of AI tools, HLP Integration helped the firm:

  • Tag 808 documents, just 1/10th of 1 percent of the total, for human review
  • Translate docs written in Spanish and a combo of Spanish and English into English only
  • Save more than 14,000 hours, equal to a cost of $1.5 million, in managed review

Streamlining Claims Processing

Submitting claims for health care, insurance and other services can be incredibly complicated, causing headaches for consumers and administrators. But there’s another way—HLP’s iCONECT suite of AI tools, which streamlines the process in these and other ways:

  • Easy-to-use submission formats, including fillable PDFs and a scan-and-submit mobile app
  • Optimizing submitted forms for highest accuracy and forms extraction
  • Identifying inaccurate submissions and routing errors, for correction, to independent reviewers

Improving Claims Rating Efficiency

HLP Integration’s iCONECT suite of AI tools has been used to reduce medical claims-processing burdens for a U.S. government agency. This video shows how iCONECT helped eliminate time- and money-wasting steps by:

  • Using information from former claims to create an AI model that approves or denies a claim or determines if an expert’s rating is necessary
  • Assigning claims to the most appropriate raters
  • Increase a rater’s reviews of claims from a few a day to one in a few minutes
Partnering with you to customize solutions for

Digital transformation

We infuse your business with advanced digital technology, improving your operations and increasing the value you deliver to customers.

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Partnering with you to customize solutions for

Data challenges

Analyzing, coordinating, storing and earmarking pertinent data are big, time-consuming tasks we are uniquely qualified to handle.

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Partnering with you to customize solutions for

Intelligent content

Working closely with clients, we use digital tools to identify, manage and transform in-house content into business assets.

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Workflow Automation

Our technology suite enables clients to automate tasks and processes once managed by employees, who can now focus on priority needs of the business.

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Our signature technologies

For every workplace challenge, HLP has a software solution.


Structured and Unstructured Data Management

Search | Retrieve | Review

The Ultimate Enterprise Platform from Intake to Results.


This document classification and data capture module is driven by award-winning AI technology and industry-leading OCR, ICR, and OMR technology. Effectively auto extracting configurable metadata elements from documents of any format, optimizing accurate data identification even for the most challenging document types.


Configurable redaction automation services with a human-in-the-loop editorial review, designed to meet compliance challenges for FOIA, Privacy Act, and other sensitive document requests. Fully customizable your sensitive information stays protected and compliant.


Create customized "hot docs" or exemplars with relevant words, concepts, and data, identifying highly responsive search results. With Xmplar you have access to the best search technology available


Identify redundant, obsolete, trivial files to give your organization a simple approach to reducing your document footprint and implement a repeatable model for data governance. Eliminate a 'keep everything' practice and gain control with a sustainable approach.


The Continuous Active Learning Analytics engine, with next generation technology. SentioAI delivers ranked document populations, prioritizing the most relevant information first. Faster than any tool on the market, eliminate wasteful time searching, and make informed decisions for any document review, whether an investigation or as part of your benefit claims review process.

Sentio Oversight

Provides quality control during document reviews, with AI models checking for false negatives and positives. The process rapidly corrects mistakes, determines weak links in the review chain and increases accuracy.