WASHINGTON, DC, Sept., 2015 – HLP Integration, a full service litigation consultancy and information management technology services company, in partnership with AITHERAS, LLC, a leading information technology and data management solutions firm, and Rina Systems, a software development company with expertise in predictive coding solutions, announced today the addition of Sentio Software, a next-generation analytics solution provider that leverages technology assisted review (TAR) via “Real Time” machine learning capabilities that expedite the commencement of the review process, along with a suite of attorney audit and tracking tools specifically developed to track review accuracy and performance.

“The addition of Sentio Software further strengthens HLP Integration’s comprehensive suite of services, enabling HLP to mitigate risk and drastically reduce litigation spend for clients through innovative technologies and seamless processes,” said Hy Hetherington, CEO of HLP Integration. “With ever-growing volumes of data subject to review, our clients are looking for premium technologies and best practices across human and technology workflows to reduce the time and cost associated with eDiscovery.”

Analogous to a music streaming service “choosing” which songs a user will enjoy based on previous song selections, Sentio Software’s TAR tool uses document tags provided by human users to continuously train a ranking algorithm that orders the documents from most to least likely to be relevant in real-time. Unlike traditional linear review, Sentio Software allows the managing attorney to determine that a review is complete without requiring “eyes-on” review of every document.

Conventional TAR platforms necessitate the use of subject matter experts to review large seed sets of documents, adding to both the time and cost associated with training the tool. Sentio Software reduces the number of hours required to complete a review while also allowing for the use of managed attorney reviewers from the onset thereby providing significant time and cost savings compared to traditional reviews.

Without proper training, direction, and quality controls, managed reviews can fall victim to incorrect tagging and missed privilege calls. To help mitigate the risks associated with failing to complying with discovery orders or inadvertently producing privileged information, Sentio Software’s reviewer audit tool provides the managing attorney with the ability to monitor the decisions being made by reviewers in near real-time to more effectively control a pool of document reviewers. The managing attorney is able to quickly identify issues and refine the review protocol in the early stages, before costly re-review becomes necessary.

“HLP collaborates with clients to develop comprehensive action plans that blend premium technologies with a wide range of resources into a custom solution that aligns with their goals and vision. The combination of HLP’s expertise with Sentio Software’s premium technologies will allow corporations and counsel to leverage TAR technology through expertise and innovation in review management operations,” concludes Hetherington.


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