Leadership Team

Hy Hetherington

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner

P: 202.393.0399 | C: 704.929.6358 | E: hy.hetherington@hlpintegration.com

Hy Hetherington is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of HLP Integration, an Information Management firm established in 2007. The organization integrates synergies between technology, knowledge and best practices to reduce costs and yield efficiencies for current and future litigations or investigations. Hy has extensive experience in all verticals of the litigation life cycle. Hy has an established reputation in the industry and is well known for his technical knowledge, creative insight, and ability to maneuver through challenging situations that involve multiple complexities or large volumes of data.

Hy is regularly called upon to participate in complex legal matters across the US as well as in the UK and Asia. Hy has advised clients in numerous high-profile, multi-million dollar litigations and investigations. He has past and present experience with LG Corporation, Samsung, Fannie Mae, Petrolera, Deutsche Bank, Worldcom and Orbital among others.

Hy also leads regular speaking engagements to domestic and international audiences on legal technology advancements within US markets. While Hy remains the driving force behind the direction and vision of HLP Integration, the organization has attorneys, technologists and executives leading the day to day client interactions and operations.

Prior to the establishment of HLP, Hy served in multiple executive positions with SuperiorGlacier, a regional litigation support company with offices in New York and Washington, DC. Hy led SuperiorGlacier as its Chief Executive Officer in addition to his full time management of HLP.

Hy is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of 1624 LLC. 1624 is a patent monetization firm working with patent holders through due diligence, litigation and ultimately the licensing or sale of the patent(s). The firm is experienced in law, business and finance and provides Intellectual Property services including financing, brokerage and consultation to individuals and organizations in the US, Europe and Asia.

Prior to his career in information management and IP patent monetization/commercialization, Hy spent time working in education and hotel management. Hy is an Endowed Presidential Scholar from the University of Texas. He was the Valedictorian of his graduating class and graduated with highest honors and distinction. In March 2014, he and his wife proudly established the Hy and Amy Hetherington Endowed Presidential Scholarship at the University of Texas. Hy is extremely passionate about the Arts and teaches an on-going course to students at the University of Texas at Austin. The course is focused on helping students pursuing an Arts degree to understand the relevance and importance of creativity, innovation and imagination in today’s business environment. Hy teaches the students essential entrepreneurial skills and opens their minds to how their artistic training will benefit them in numerous areas including business.

In his spare time, Hy enjoys traveling to any destination he has yet to discover and spending quality time with his wife, young sons and daughter.

Josh Hewitt

Chief Operating Officer and Partner

P: 202.393.0399 | C: 703.402.9374 | E: josh.hewitt@hlpintegration.com

Josh Hewitt is the Chief Operating Officer and Partner of HLP Integration, and brings two decades of experience using a data-driven approach to operational design and implementation that aligns with sustainable revenue growth.  He has managed scores of high profile clients such as Enron, LG Electronics, Services Employees International Union, JetBlue, The Bancorp, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, The Department of Veterans Affairs, and most of the AMLAW 100.

Josh consistently commits himself to fully understanding the needs and objectives of clients. With his industry knowledge, he has a knack for identifying instrumental technologies that deliver services and desired outcomes.  His management and execution are consistently met with great forethought and precision.

In 2016 Josh became a Trustee for the Wakefield Education Foundation.  As a Trustee, he has created the Career and Technical Training Scholarship for graduating Seniors who want to pursue non-traditional forms of continued education that provides career preparation leading to a marketable skill-set. 

Michael Hardy


P: 202.393.0399 | C: 202.713.0419 | E: michael.hardy@hlpintegration.com

Michael Hardy brings over a decade of experience in the litigation support arena to HLP Integration. Over the years he has witnessed the change from a primarily paper-based environment to today’s digital world. During this time Michael has never lost focus on the importance of customer service and client communications while learning to use technology to save his clients both time and money. He has managed litigation ranging from small civil matters to large second requests and intellectual property litigation.

Prior to joining HLP Integration, Michael held various positions in the Washington D.C. office of SuperiorGlacier, an East Coast regional litigation support company. During his tenure Michael held multiple positions within the sales and project management departments finishing as Vice President of Business Development. Michael credits these various positions as key to his deep understanding of all aspects of the litigation life cycle and his ability to apply cost savings solutions throughout.

When Michael is not assisting his clients you will find him spending time with his wife and four children, who keep him very busy.

Victoria Wiles

Director of Client Support

P: 202.393.0399 | C: 202.365.3642 | E: victoria.wiles@hlpintegration.com

Victoria is the Director of Client Services at HLP Integration. She is responsible for overseeing the Project Management, Data Processing and Forensic teams. Her focus is on working with clients to develop best strategies and practices to ensure the most successful outcomes to their matters.

Prior to joining HLP, Victoria practiced Criminal Defense in NYC.

Victoria holds her J.D. from New York Law School and her BA from Tulane University. She is admitted to practice law in New York.

Kevin Smith

Director of Managed Review and Technology Integration

C: 202.738.0383 | E: kevin.smith@hlpintegration.com

Kevin supports all Managed Review services at HLP Integration with a focus on incorporating technology to enhance delivery, reduce costs, and accelerate eDiscovery timelines. Kevin has spent almost ten years managing review in eDiscovery and specializes in large matter review presiding over multi-district
litigations and second requests. He is a subject matter expert in Technology Assisted Review and has spent years consulting on eDiscovery best practices.

His true passion in this industry is in training and developing attorneys and finding innovative ways to connect their legal expertise to the eDiscovery

Kevin holds his J.D from Catholic University and is admitted to practice law in Washington D.C.

John-Paul Simon

Chief Financial Officer

P: 202.393.0399 | C: 574.252.1931 | E: john-paul.simon@hlpintegration.com

John-Paul Simon brings over 15 years of senior accounting and financial leadership to HLP Integration.  He began his career in Public Accounting with Grant Thornton in Chicago before moving on to work internationally.  John-Paul worked in agribusiness in East Timor and Kenya. He was also the CFO of Madacom SA, a cellular operator in Madagascar.  Most recently he was the CFO of Telco 214 US, an international long distance carrier based in Florida.  In both of these CFO roles, he was a key player in helping these technology oriented companies grow while maintaining excellent financial results.

John-Paul holds a BS in Accounting from Indiana University and an MBA from Loyola University New Orleans.

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Mali, West Africa, John-Paul enjoys traveling to and experiencing life in developing countries.  His favorite part of any trip is eating street food and bargaining with the market vendors.