What We Do

Creativity.  Collaboration.  Commitment.

Litigation Support Services


HLP Integration is dedicated to providing you consultative, customized solutions and reducing the overall cost of the data management often associated with litigation by corporations and law firms. Our professional staff will work closely with you to establish the appropriate scope and focus of your projects so you don’t waste time or money on unnecessary steps.  And we employ both industry-standard processes as well as innovative technologies to ensure your project is managed and executed with precision and intention.  Plainly and simply, our commitment to efficiency is paramount.

Managed Review

From the earliest stages of your case, our expert Project Management and Document Review Services teams work together to formulate an end-to-end solution for your project that will provide much needed peace of mind.  With licensed attorneys at the helm, we provide assistance with training manuals, metrics, projections, review team recruitment, and workflow organization.  Our dedicated review center is housed in a key-card secure facility and can accommodate review teams of varying sizes.  Where a document review’s success can hinge upon organization and communication, and HLP Integration’s proactive and transparent approach has proven itself time and again.

Patent Services

In the complicated and technical world of patent litigation, we will help you weather the storm.  HLP Integration brings together a unique team of economists, attorneys, and examiners to provide a comprehensive suite of patent services and an unmatched depth of analysis in support of licensing, litigation, and M&A.  We use this blend of technical expertise to enhance outside counsel’s litigation strategy requirements and reduce the cost of services for clients facing or pursuing patent litigation.  Our goal is to create an IP strategy that will maximize your returns, decrease your risk, and minimize your expenses throughout all stages of your patent filing, licensing, monetization, or litigation efforts.

Translation Services

HLP Integration has developed a custom-tailored approach to help you manage your foreign language materials and reduce the total number of documents that require full translation.  Our global network is made up of leading industry linguists who are native to their language of expertise and possess technical proficiency in myriad subject matters.  This ensures that the original meaning of the document is preserved within your deliverable and is not, merely, a word-for-word translation.  And because not all translations require the same scrutiny, HLP Integration offers multiple levels of service to match your particular needs, be it a document summary or certified translation.  From rush turnaround requests to highly technical documents, our translations services deliver on-time, every time.

Trial Services

We have provided more trial services than any other competitor in the industry: over 500 cases throughout the past 17 years.  Experts in both the war room and the courtroom, HLP Integration has an unparalleled understanding of the life cycle of a case; our specialists have developed a keen eye for anticipating and addressing potential issues with strategy and logistics, thereby allowing the legal team to focus solely on trial preparation.  Over the years we have created thousands of flawless, intuitive, and impactful visuals that fully engage the intended audience using various media and cutting-edge technology.  Knowing first-hand the considerable demands of trial, we will become a seamless part of your team and provide the consultation and support you need to win.