Patent Services

smiling_paperworkHLP Integration offers a variety of U.S. patent-related solutions to strengthen and enhance your litigation or patent licensing initiatives.

Patent Validation Analysis

If you are accused of patent infringement, HLP Integration’s patent validation analysis is key to obtaining the information you need to move ahead. We identify prior art and establish an accurate time-line of the patent filings to assess the strength of the claim against you. Our exhaustive searches encompass all publicly available data regarding the invention or idea including patent filings, trade and technical publications, and specialty databases.

Patent Infringement Analysis

If you believe a competitor’s product infringes on your patent, HLP Integration’s patent infringement analysis gives you the evidence to pursue a claim. We identify products or ideas which may infringe on your patents, analyze their technical specifications, and provide a fully detailed report on any evidence of infringement. Claim charts are routinely prepared to document findings.

Claim Chart Construction

Claim charts are an essential tool to comparing the often overwhelming amount of information between multiple patents. They can be used as technical evidence to bolster your patent initiatives. HLP Integration analyzes your invention or idea against pre-existing products to mark similarities while highlighting unique areas of opportunity. Our two-column, color-coded charts allow for easy-to-read and easy-to-understand visual representation of the comparison.

Patent Research & Analysis

hlp_patent_processClients approach HLP Integration because they want something more out of their service partners. HLP Integration’s team understands this and has developed a comprehensive suite of patent research and analysis offerings that far outpaces the industry standard. Our goal is to serve as your single point of contact for your full array of patent research needs.