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Clients approach HLP Integration because they want something more out of their service partners. HLP Integration’s team understands this and has developed a comprehensive suite of patent research and analysis offerings that far outpaces the industry standard. Our goal is to serve as your single point of contact for your full array of patent research needs.

Patent Search Services

A patent search is only as good as the searcher that conducts it. Because of this, our in-house patent attorneys and examiners review and structure our search process at every stage to guarantee that our searchers leave no stone unturned. Our cost-controlled process provides our clients with peace of mind in knowing that their search is being expertly handled from start to finish.

Analytical Services

smiling_womanHLP Integration is far more than a search firm. We bring together a unique team of economists, attorneys, and examiners to provide unmatched depth of analysis in support of licensing, litigation, and M&A. Our due diligence reports provide a concise cost-controlled third-party examination of your patent assets that will help you determine your best path forward for maximizing the value of your IP assets.


HLP Integration has created the world’s first turnkey solution for owners of European patents seeking to generate revenues from their assets. Suitable patents submitted to the HLP3 process will undergo a robust and thorough analysis, including due diligence, legal opinion, and risk assessment through HLP Integration and its partners for a fixed fee of £3,500. Subscribing owners of qualifying patents will have the benefit of an option to obtain litigation insurance and funding. Our process provides a patent owner with access to a detailed due diligence process provided by industry leaders at the least possible outlay and risk.

HLP Integration provides a unique level of depth in the patent services industry. Our goal is to partner with you throughout all stages of your patent licensing, monetization, or litigation efforts in a way that maximizes your returns and minimizes your costs. Our services are structured around helping you to find an efficient, cost effective solution to all of your IP needs through our flexibly priced high end processes.

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