Translation Services

pointing_screenHLP Integration has developed a tailored approach to help you manage your foreign language materials and reduce the total number of documents that require full translation. Our global network encompasses leading industry linguists who are native to their language of expertise and professionals in the subject matter at hand. This ensures that the original meaning of the document is kept, not just word-for-word text. Our translation services can efficiently and accurately address your short and long-term objectives and result in overall cost savings.

We understand the intricacies of the legal discovery process. HLP Integration offers a comprehensive foreign language service for electronic discovery including data organizing, indexing, online reviewing, machine and human translation, and consultation for optimum results.

HLP Integration also provides exceptional translation services to foreign companies seeking to submit patents in the U.S. and domestic companies interested in filing abroad.

With HLP Integration, you can count on precise, professional translations that uphold the meaning of the native document and are readily accepted by courts and patent offices throughout the world.

HLP Integration provides reliable and accurate translations in the following areas:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Consumer marketing and advertising
  • Corporate law (contracts, by-laws, regulations, etc.)
  • e-Discovery (Electronic Discovery)
  • Energy (infrastructure projects, regulations, taxes, etc.)
  • Foreign and domestic patent filings
  • Information technology (manuals, software, marketing, etc.)
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing R&D (research, manuals, global marketing, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical (research, manufacturing, clinical trials, marketing, etc.)