Case Study: Case Management

The Challenge

A corporate client had a very unsatisfactory experience in a multi-million dollar IP litigation managed by a prominent consulting firm. In-house and outside counsels were constantly dragged into the minutiae of managing and administering the case. That misdirection of their time and energies detracted from their ability to focus on the legal practice of prosecuting and advancing their case. They needed to engage in a true partnership where they would be counseled and advised about best practices along the full continuum of the Litigation Document Management Life Cycle – with a special focus on the EDRM process – which could then be implemented with minimal involvement on their part. They required someone who could tightly integrate with them and understood both their technology needs and their legal workflow process.

The Solution

HLP interviewed the client regarding their requirements and their difficulties with their previous service provider. We determined that the previous provider was extremely reactive with virtually nothing performed in a proactive, consultative fashion. HLP, upon identification and definition of the client’s requirements, engaged in the following actions thereby enabling the client to focus their energies and efforts on advancing its case:

  • Crafted a plan that relieved the client of its case management burden
  • Implemented a case management protocol where HLP was the only entity with which the client need have contact
  • Vetted various hosting and review solution providers to identify the best candidates suited to client’s requirements considering such factors as ease of use, foreign language support, and scalability among others
  • Developed, and managed, a hosting and first-pass privilege review solution (through two different partnerships)
  • Defined and developed a supplemental data harvest in conjunction with client’s internal IT business unit
  • Continuing responsibility for case management of the matter through the entire discovery and Litigation Document Management Life Cycle
  • Counseled the client vis-รก-vis its ongoing litigation hold obligations and the best practices surrounding same